Idea Sparks from WordCamp Denver 2018 | Faceted Media TV Launch

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WordCamp Denver…

It was really valuable. I appreciated the entire program. Thank you so much for all the inspiration, education, advice and affirmations (definitely happy to say Faceted Media is on the right track!).

~ Kimberly Hogate, Owner, Faceted Media

My faves???

Huge kudos to Diane Whiddon who always has the cool stuff going on and was also emceeing today at WordCamp having been a speaker previous years (she crushed it, obviously).

Great to see WordPress Superheroes again and meet more of their team! They wore their super hero capes, signature of their brand, and I honestly think it is how I remembered them from a previous event. Nice branding… ! I also went branded head to toe (check out my Faceted Media “fashion line” ha!). 

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Faceted Media CEO, Kimberly Hogate

Other stuff!

Really liking’s domain name generator (it has synonyms that could help my clients choose their business names and see what’s available easier than some ways we have been using before), so that’s rad.

The folks at Ghost Browser blew my mind today. You see, in our sister company, Faceted Travel, we use different programs for flight lookups, and they seem to change depending on where we are physically located when searching. This suspicion was confirmed! Google can save your IP addresses and reset it’s information based on where you are located. This could explain fare changes at times…

Ghost Browser saves tabs, hence IP addresses, so you can save what you’re working on… interesting huh? They know more. Contact them for the technical details, but I was really intrigued.

Also… socks, money and stickers!!!! (🦄!!!) … Haha, I’ll explain. watch below.

(Huge thank you to Phylecia for the “live” challenge!) Check out her show here

So, yeah, I tried my very first one below… It’s long, sorrrry (not sorry?)! (30 mins), but it was just THAT great of a day! I hope you enjoy… I had fun making it 🙂

Watch the Very First Faceted Media TV Episode: WordCamp Denver 2018

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Oh… and the full pre-WordCamp Insta Story here… (thank you again WordCamp!)


Marketing News Brief – Daily Habits and Career Development

As we read the latest news in public relations, sales, marketing, professional development and entrepreneurship…

Daily Habits for Creativity and Success

If I could tell you one piece of advice that I’ve learned from my life so far and from building Faceted Media, it’s that you should give each thing you do the proper amount of time to do it.

Author Alyse Kalish, Editor and Writer, explains in “The Muse,” some simple, yet life changing advice for professional development. Put extremely simply:

  1. Read (just read something every day – try something fiction, something non-fiction and something industry-related if possible.
  2. Connect (not on social media, like actually call someone or write them an actual letter)
  3. Write (journal or work on your book)
  4. Ask Questions (you’ll learn so much more)

More Self-Help for Self-Sufficient Start-Ups

“Nerd Wallet” contributor Laura McMullen gives us healthy and proactive tips in her article: “3 Ways to Invest in Your Career This Week.”  

She advises: learning about yourself (taking an inventory of your skills), become an expert (take time for a class, read up on topics you are interested in, sign up for a webinar), work on your daily routine (make it something that you look forward to and that energizes you in the morning and relaxes you in the evening), and finally, she recommends building relationships. For this one, reach out!

Start anywhere and you’ll start getting somewhere ~Kim

Read more… 

Celebrity Representation

You want to be seen.

PR for Celebrities and Public Figures

You’re ready to hire a publicist.

You’re an expert and you have wisdom to share.

Having worked with high-profile individuals and companies in my previous work, I am used to the particular demands of the industry. I can handle personalities of almost every type (we take a personality quiz first to see if we’re a good fit), and I am able to quickly adapt to change. Scheduling and respect of time is a huge facet of my firm. I am able to nearly immediately understand how you like to be communicated with, what types of PR media placement opportunities fit your brand and how much time to give you to process when placements happen quickly.

Time and time again, I’ve been praised for the top quality media placements that I’ve been able to secure. My clients have been featured in Forbes, MTV News, ABC, NPR, FOX, 5280, 303 Magazine, Westword, Rooster Magazine, Confluence Magazine and more. I take special care to understand your brand before beginning any reach out and you are always informed of the publications, pitches and angles ahead of time. If a placement doesn’t feel right at any point, I masterfully save the media relationship and help you out of it in a perfect way to save the contact. I am not afraid to make sure that you are matched with the perfect writer and that you feel comfortable the entire time.

I help high-powered and high-profile clients build and expand their empire by assisting with media placements, public relations, marketing, sales and technical support.

My team and I have been working in business development and as publicists for over 10 years with companies across the industry field. We have worked with entertainment companies, celebrities, public figures, authors, solopreneurs, matchmakers, parenting experts, attorneys, therapists, educators, creatives, nonprofits and real estate firms.


Marketing for Small Businesses: Faceted Media

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Marketing for small businesses is a unique niche that requires the company to be diverse in their knowledge and know how each segment of marketing affects the entire marketing ecosystem. And, it is an ecosystem. Each part is important for the whole. Putting too much energy into one thing, as with all things, can leave you high and dry if that medium becomes out of favor.

Marketing for Small Businesses: What Should You Be Doing?

As a small business, there are a few routes to go depending on your product or service. Here are the various areas that you should audit your business and see which one(s) makes the most sense.

A Website

In most cases, you will need a website. That playing field is changing though now and there are many businesses that operate from a social media profile alone. However, for most businesses that are more than apps, for example, you’ll want a website. This is a place that you can educate your audience about your service or product, advertise for a promotion, gain email addresses for your email outreach list and provide any products or services for purchase.

Social Media

Lots of small business owners complain that “social media doesn’t bring any customers.” Okay, well how do you know? Marketing is an art and science. Most people aren’t looking at their numbers. Google Analytics and each social media’s insights reports will give you clues on how well your social media efforts are doing. Don’t just guess because no one says, “Oh, I saw your Facebook post and decided to call.” No.

They have heard about you from their friend, who you saw liked their page online, Facebook recommended they like it, so they went to your page (and because you had it updated and posted a few cool/cute things, they followed it). Time passed, but you kept popping up in their feed. One day, they decide to call. You ask how they heard about you. They tell you the name of the original person, but it was the exposure that reminded them and warmed them to you. I hope you followed on this! 🙂

Public Exposure (aka Public Relations)

Get out there!! Go on now. Just as the way of the world, what you put into things is what you get back. So, networking, keeping up your blog, posting thoughtful personal posts on Facebook, staying in touch with people, sending notes of congratulations and hellos… it will come back to you. If you ever feel a slight lull in your biz, try reaching out to someone.

My favorite ways are reaching out to interview other business owners about cool stuff they do. They get a nice write-up and pics, you get content for your blog, and you get to know all about each other. And, if you need back links to your site, try signing up for HARO (just make sure you read allll the guidelines so that you don’t accidentally blacklist yourself).

AdWords & Advertising

Trust me, never in a million years did I think I would be recommending advertising. I used to think you could do literally everything grassroots. And, you could. But, it would be foolish to think that in the digital age, that marketing doesn’t change nearly daily. Things have changed in two ways in advertising (broadly).

Firstly, for social media, the people have spoken and platforms are listening (or pretending to publicly). Subsequently, Facebook’s announcement in January 2018 about their algorithm changes to favor users means that brands need to pay for their newsfeed space. The good news is that it is meant to protect the public. And, it also means that weeds out (some) robot accounts and oversaturation of business posts. So, that’s not a bad thing. Running a small budget Facebook ad can boost your likes now better than before and consistently with a customized audience.

For Adwords, this is tricky stuff. Don’t do it on your own, hire a professional. What we do first is set up your campaign and bidding strategy. Then we add relevant keywords using a very, very precise prescription involving research data and our own expertise from having attended the Academy of the Ads (aka “Google College”). Marketing for small businesses should always include a properly set up AdWords campaign.


Honestly, this is the tip of the iceberg when it comes to marketing for small businesses, but it all goes together. The better SEO-focused articles and webpages you have, the better your ads perform. The better your social media is, the better you can create a relevant audience for your product of service. And, realizing that this is far too much work for you as the business owner to take on, in addition to running your business… is a breakthrough.

If you need support, Faceted Media acts as your small business marketing, SEO, and technical support agency. We are designed for micro and small businesses. Experts in many facets of marketing, SEO and technology, we design our programs for smaller budgets and bigger results. We hope to hear from you!


Unique Tips for Making Canva Graphic Designs

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Hi there! If you’re here, you might consider yourself somewhat of an advanced user of the free graphic design creation service, (the amazing!).

There are a number of incredible things that Canva does, but in this video, I’ll show you a few “secret” tricks that can help you make your Canva designs even more unique (to stand apart from the crowd).


Using Transparent Layers

One of my favorite tips is to do a Google Search for patterns. Subsequently, take it a step further by using Search Tools and choose “transparent.” This way, you’ll get a “top” layer. Then, you can Google a bottom layer to make a really unique pattern. You can also find transparent accents and images this way by using Google Tools, a rarely utilized tool except to the Google obsessed like we are!


Shapes to Frame Text

Some pictures work perfectly to have text on top, but others cross into white and black for example, obscuring the text. What to do? Use “Shapes” in Canva. Choose a square or rectangle (usually my go-to) and use the “arrange” button to place it behind your text. Choose your color, or change to gray and use the transparent filter to lightly offset text from the image. Measure your  shape around your text and you can make your text more readable over the image in Canva.


Using Illustrations to Make Canva Designs

Another fun technique for creative users of Canva is to use the “Illustrations” section and searching for items that are often decorative. Some examples are: leaves, stars, flowers, ferns, swirls… Then, pull them into the corners of your graphic to create a frame or use instead of a line to separate text. You can also expand them. Use the “arrange” function and push to the back of everything. Next, use the “transparent” tool to make the design the base of the background. As a result, this additional layering can add interest to your piece and set apart text as well.


The More You Know!

I constantly encounter not-so-great circumstances made from the best intentions when it comes to marketing. There are just so many details that only someone who lives and breathes this stuff is going to be able to help you with. If you’re a small business who has been doing it all yourself, consider a break and an upgrade. I’d love to chat with you about both. Click here to schedule a time to meet. 


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Marketing Internship : Paid (CLOSED FOR FALL 2018)

Please reach out for opportunities for Spring 2019!! ~ Kim 🙂 

As you may know, I love speaking to the empowerment and entrepreneur classes at Denver Public Schools. Working with youth to help them avoid the pitfalls of trying to find work after school is a passion of mine. I have been a rotating keynote speaker for several years and…

…now we’re taking the program to the next level in the form of our Marketing Internship with Faceted Media. 


  • You like designing
  • You use social media often
  • You are a pretty good writer
  • You love creating and creativity
  • You are familiar with computers
  • You want work experience and a recommendation
  • Some level of computer experience and feel fairly confident
  • Want marketing, graphic design, website build, technical and practical experience

We also ask that all applicants fill out this form in order to apply. Compensation is commensurate with experience. Schedule is flexible. Please email or call 970-308-6844 with any questions.

What You’ll Gain:

  • Basic Website Building
  • Graphic Design Experience
  • Video/Photography Editing
  • Social Media Practices
  • Copywriting for Marketing
  • A Bit About Search Engine Optimization
  • Blogging Best Practices
  • Some Event Marketing Practice

My style is low-key and practical with the goal of getting you REAL LIFE experience so that it is easier for you to find a well-paying and enjoyable career after high school while you go to college or while you enter the workforce. Marketing is fun, creative, can be a bit high pressure, but it’s a great feeling to see your work out there reaching the right people. Creatives and entrepreneur-types, this opportunity is for you!

Thank you and I look forward to meeting you!!

Stock Photo Giveaway! (Holiday, City Edition)

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It’s a challenge to find royalty-free, high resolution photos for free. Stock photos must be paid for, and sites like Pexels and Pixabay are becoming more and more well-known which means you start to see duplicate photos across the web.

You don’t want to duplicate your colleague’s stock photos. You’re a beautiful snowflake that is original… right? Ha. Totally.

Okay, back to the holiday stock photo giveaway…. In this photo giveaway, it’s simple. Just enter your email address and you’ll receive an email with the Google Docs Link to:

199 royalty-free, original, high resolution stock photos.

…you can use these however you wish, you do not need to add credit. This is another Faceted Media Photo Gift!

What’s In This Photo Stash, Kim?

This stash features photos taken in New York City and Denver during the holidays. It features patterns, subway signs, subway entrances, Christmas lights, Santas, snow, city streets, construction workers, holly and berries, horses at Central Park, cityscapes, skyscrapers, steps, pigeons… you get the idea. (Gorgeous & Quirky Too!!)

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stock photo giveaway, faceted media







It also features restaurant and office stock photos including menus, beverages, coffee, salt shakers, patterns and keyboards.

K, Great. Give Them To Me.

Okayyyy!!! All you have to do is just enter your email below and voila!

Enter Your Email to Get a Free Photo Stash!

* indicates required

The Pineapple Story

A lot of people ask me how I got started in Faceted Media or how I decided to start my own business. It was a combination of a lot of things. I usually have followed my own path. I tend to be very decisive and once I make a decision, I go for it.

If there are obstacles, I figure them out. If people say that it will be too hard, too complicated, not possible, etc. I ignore them. If it hasn’t been done before, I do it. That is just my personality.

Yet, if there was one defining moment when I knew that I wanted to work for myself. It was the pineapple. Here’s the story and how it was rewritten.

When I talk to kids at area high schools for career panels and entrepreneurial talks, I always tell them the pineapple story. And, now, I add: be like a pineapple, stand tall and wear a crown (and be hard on the outside, soft on the inside!). Yet, the pineapple was actually a symbol to me that came from deep pain. Now, I like the symbolism as a badge of honor.

I had gone from going to school for Journalism to graduating when the newspaper industry was completely dying. Sadly, it was also this strange in-between time when only a small number of people had smart phones to read the news, yet the Internet was fully utilized by everyone finally.

What was I going to do with my degree?

I found out quickly. Nothing. No one wanted me. I applied left and right, up and down. I walked into businesses, I sent resumes, I went to workshops and job agencies. Finally, I had to nearly completely make up a resume just to get a job waitressing. 

I felt really out of place. For the last several years, I had studied, worked two full time jobs while going to school 18-22 hours a semester and babysitting in between. I graduated in three years from college and graduated from high school a semester early. I won scholarships and worked hard for my 4.97 GPA. I was published and thought I had value. Once I entered the “real world” I felt extremely value-less.

I never gave up.

I continued to seek leadership positions in my various jobs. Eventually, my managers saw my strengths and I was given more and more responsibilities. I found myself gravitating toward marketing and sales, which when I thought about it, had a strong correlation to writing and communications, just like I was doing while in Journalism school. Perhaps I was on to something here…

So I continued to thrive in my positions, and at this point, I was in an administrative position that I had added a sales feature to. I had negotiated some commission and was really making a lot of sales! After about a year, I took my carefully compiled report of how much money I had made the firm with my new outreach. We cordially chatted and then got into the details.

I left the meeting hoping for the raise I had asked for. The next morning, the pineapple was there.

I was immediately informed that while my request for a raise had been declined, the boss and his wife had gotten me a lovely and delicious pineapple at the farmer’s market. “Have a nice day!”

Pretty much from that day forward, I created my escape plan. No longer would I work and put in the time only to be disparaged and devalued by someone who was profiting off of me. In this case, I was literally making the firm money, yet instead of a small raise, they chose to just give me a percentage and keep the rest.

In return for my hard work, I get a pineapple. Why am I continuing to do this?

I knew that I had to create a situation where I would never have to sit across a table and explain my worth unless it was of my doing. I knew that I was worth more than a pineapple.

I first started a law firm with a colleague, using my background in the legal field combined with administrative, writing, sales and marketing skills. We thrived until I again discovered that even a partnership wasn’t for me. I was born to stand out and grow my own way. 

So I did.

Now I speak to high schools and remind them how special and unique they are and to never let anyone tell them otherwise. I also remind them that if they have the stamina, they can create their own paths by starting their own businesses.

I think the message was received: