Case Study: Novel Website Design

NWD LogoYay! This is one of my all-time favorites. Novel Website Design was started by Diane Whiddon almost a decade ago to help writers create an online presence and “shine online”! Diane has a passion for dancing, romance novels, and glitter. No wonder I like her so much – she’s fun, she’s passionate, and she’s extremely talented and smart.

For Novel Website Design, my goal is to create a fun, consistent, and active online presence. I do this through engaging e-newsletters, social media (check out our Facebook Page!), as well as connecting with heart-centered business owners and those who could really benefit from Diane’s extensive expertise.

Diane Whiddon, Novel Website Design (left), with Kim Johnson, Faceted Media
Diane Whiddon, Novel Website Design (left), with Kim Johnson, Faceted Media

We held our very first “Bravery in Business” and “Fearless in Fiction” Awards/Holiday Party, which garnered tons of attention online, as well as a full house at the party/ceremony. It was a unique way to utilize guerrilla marketing and get people excited about the brand.

I also help with event planning & logistics, overall strategy & brand development, and really anything else needed to make the marketing side of the business run smoothly, while adhering to its mission.

On the socially conscious side, Diane presents about entrepreneurship to at-risk youth in our community. Go Diane!

(Wonder if some of these strategies could work for your business? Contact me to find out!)