Kim Johnson, Owner, Faceted Media Photo: Kristina Marshall
Kim Johnson, Owner, Faceted Media
Photo: Kristina Marshall

“Faceted Media is THE BEST marketing agency and web designer I’ve used in the last 4 years. I’ve used 2 other agencies and Kim by far works the hardest, is the best at communication, and over-delivers. I am always thrilled with the ideas, the creativity, and the original content she develops. I would not recommend spending your money elsewhere!!” – Evan Wilson, Owner, New Perspective Painting

“Kim is an INCREDIBLE person to have in your corner, rooting for you and your business! She is professional, personable, effective and just plain fun to work with! Can’t recommend her highly enough.” Jen Kilgo, Owner, Root Counseling

“She is fantastic – super organized and efficient.” – Lesley Glenner, Owner, HoloBeing Wellness Institute

“Working with Faceted Media has been such a wonderful experience from day one. Kim’s energy is contagious and her intense passion is put into each aspect of her work. She is constantly teaching us new things so that her time can be spent on new and exciting projects for the business, she appreciates our budget and our time. I’m so glad we found her and can’t imagine where we would be without her!” – Rachelle Gershkovich, Owner, Maternal Instincts

“I loved working with Kim! She is professional, inventive and quick with sustainable ideas for what you want to accomplish.” – Heidi Tingey, Associate, The Family Room

“Hiring Faceted Media has been, no question, the best business decision I have made in the last year.  I initially thought I would try Faceted Media to help with a very limited portion of my real estate business, but quickly expanded the scope of services that they provide.  The value that FM has brought to my business in marketing, PR, and sales is nothing short of amazing.  The founder, Kim Johnson, has brought a renewed passion, expertise, and innovation to my company for which I am nothing short of grateful.  I have never experienced such a rapid ROI on any of my previous marketing efforts.  Kim Johnson has been an absolute pleasure to work with.  Her ability to nurture and cultivate socially conscious businesses is truly unique and her commitment to strengthening our community deserves all of our respect.” – Allison Parks, Owner,  Conscious Real Estate

“I am endlessly impressed with you, who you are and what you do. ” – Nicole Sullivan, Owner, Book Bar

“The diversity and depth of what Kim brings to the table is hard to sum up in a few sentences. Basically, Kim is the answer to your “if I could just clone myself” prayers. Yes, she is fantastic at PR and promoting you and your events, and she is one of the most connected people in Denver I know. But she also writes; she helps you create systems, close deals, rock your follow ups, work your network. And she is a blast to work with to boot.” – Rachel Sizemore, Owner, Sexy in Your Own Skin and Ripen

“Kimberly is the consummate professional, approaching marketing challenges with creativity and persistence. She is able to leverage many free outlets for promotion, increasing impact in a cost-effective way. It’s a true pleasure to collaborate with her and see her skills put to action.”- Kathryn Roman, Owner and Founder of and Natural Mom Media
“Love it!!! My next big social media post I’ll put this blog up! I am getting such wonderful responses from all the hard work you guys do…thank you so much!!! Sometimes I don’t believe it’s really my website or my business when I click on the links! It’s like you guys can read inside my head and put it into beautiful words :)” – Katie Bisbee-Peek, Owner, Peek Counseling
“Thank you so much for taking the time to meet with me today. It was fantastic to meet you and so informative! Thank you so very much for all the information you gave me, you have no idea how helpful that will be!” – Maren Simons, Owner, Forte Real Estate
“Thank you so much for having us as part of the Feel Good Fair! We so appreciate you thinking of us and what you are doing for our community! Outstanding!” – Dr. Marco, Owner, Shift Chiropractic

“Kim, thank you so much for taking the time out of your weekend to come and take pictures of our event. I know it’s your job, but know that I appreciate your time. The pictures were great! Thank you so much!” – Angela Taylor, American Cancer Society

“Thank you for organizing the Diaper Drive for the Gabriel House Project. Your generous gift of two car loads of diapers makes it possible for us to help women and their children who come to us for assistance.” – Mimi Eckstein, Gabriel Project

“Kim!!  I’m just now getting around to fully reading this, and You.  Are.  Brilliant.  Can’t say enough wonderfulness about you or to you.  I SO appreciate your commitment to NWD, my brand, and how you artfully and eloquently express it.  You’re beautifully talented, and I’m so grateful you’re a part of the team!” – Diane Whiddon, Owner, Novel Website Design

“Kim, if anyone is wonderful, its clearly you! Thank you for this lovely email, it really made my day. I’m very grateful to have met you and to be a part of your growing Denver circle of ridiculously awesome ladies!” – Rachel Sizemore

“We were honored to have Kim Johnson as our marketing speaker for our Introduction to Business Class at CEC Middle College of Denver. She spoke compellingly about a myriad of issues related to marketing in business and challenged the students to think about what role marketing plays in their lives. Ms. Johnson’s presentation was extremely well received by students who felt the issues she raised were important today. She also articulately responded to questions from our students in two different classes. We feel extremely fortunate to have had Ms. Johnson as one of our speakers and for helping our students learn more about marketing.” – Lorraine Smith, CEC Middle College

“Thank you for including me as part of the Feel Good Fair. I had a wonderful time. The fair certainly attracted a heart-centered, loving group! I really enjoyed meeting everyone. You did a great job organizing everything!” – Annette Sloan, W(h)olehearted Compassionate Health Coaching For Teen Girls

“A BIG THANKS to Kim for her great work in photographing our family. We found her to be professional, patient, and fun with the kids.  We couldn’t be happier with the photos. Also, not only was she a great photographer, but she also delivered the photos within the week! We will be telling all of our friends and family about her.” – Melissa Dempsey, Attorney, Melissa Dempsey Law Firm

“Thanks for being a ‘PR Rockstar’!” – Michelle Ellis, Orapin Marketing

“I just wanted to take a moment and say that I appreciate all your hard word and attention to detail…very classy Kim!!!” – Doug Johnson, Hilton Hotel Fort Collins

“Kim is bright, energetic, professional and has great follow through. She did so many things without even asking, wrote a great story, took three different videos, captioned them and communicated often with me. She’s a keeper.”  – Pam Cress, Blacktie Colorado

“Just went to all of your pages and I’m blown away by you! The energy and enthusiasm jumps off the page!!!!! Awesome. I want to hire you to shoot me into the stratosphere. I know you and your team can do it. Glad to start our mutual admiration club.” – Nancy Buck, Peaceful Parenting

“Thanks to you for being there, your coverage and this additional clip…much fun!” – Martha Simmons, Dani’s Foundation

“Holy smokes, you rock.  I LOVE these blog posts. You. You are faboo. You’re doing a wonderful job, and it’s all right on time.” – Diane Whiddon, Novel Website Design

“You are a genius.” – Lily Calfee, Ideal Nourishment

“I never had the opportunity to tell you how much I appreciated meeting you and receiving your nice card. You are a wonderful person and I wish you nothing but tremendous joy and success in the coming year!” – Diana Nelson, Flagship Services Group

“You are the most professional photographer I have ever seen at these events.” – Jim Kidder, Colorado Academy

“The e-newsletter is fabulous.  We appreciate it so much.” – Mary Benoit, the Zonta Club of Denver

“Kim, thank you for such a great interview. Your questions were very thought-provoking and on-target.” – Barbera Aimes

“Thank you for your donation at the CRAVE event. Your support and kind words mean a lot!” – Jessica Bachus, Dolls for Daughters

“Ms. Johnson has had exposure to multiple public policy issues with a focus on the “big box”/living wage campaign of the Chicago Grassroots Collaborative, a coalition of city-wide and trade union organizations such as the Chicago Coalition for the Homeless and the Service Employees International Union.  Her activities have included being IVI-IPO’s liaison with the Collaborative, reviewing pertinent literature, writing in-house articles, and attending meetings representing IVI-IPO and the Committee. Drawing upon that experience, I have observed Ms. Johnson, as an intern for IVI-IPO, to combine good analytical skills, a strong interest in progressive public policy and good people skills.” ~ Herb Ziegeldorf, IVI-IPO