Email Clean & Total Organization – One on One Sessions

This is not a workshop. This is a WORK-shop.

I just want to be clear that this is not a workshop…. You won’t be just learning tips and taking notes. We’ll be working together hands-on for 2 hours and actually making a difference to get your inbox in tip-top shape. (Ahhhhh!!! I can see it now!! Ommmmm.)

You see, here’s the problem: Too many emails, getting subscribed to lists you didn’t sign up for or that are irrelevant now, getting behind, duplicate emails, missing opportunities (and then never following up because you’re embarrassed), having important and non-important emails in one place, forgetting things or falling behind because you keep your to-do’s in email form. Pretty much a hot mess in digital form.

It’s an issue nearly everyone faces nowadays. If this sounds like you, trust me, it is how nearly everyone is… except your girl! Yes. I am here taking personal 2-hour sessions to help you finally go through your inbox, organize it, catch any leads, and set up filters and labels so that it stays manageable. 

“I never knew email could be so complicated. I had missed 26 leads that I could have followed up on when I needed business most. And, I missed an email from a contractor for an ongoing request. Now, all my emails are separated in folders, labeled, and filtered so that I see new leads first. I also got through every single email with Kim. It’s completely refreshed.” – E

Email didn’t start off very complicated. And, if you’re okay with 20,000 emails in your inbox, this isn’t for you. If, however, it’s really frustrating you, causing you grief, just plain annoying, and reading about how to organize it gives you a migraine, well, then, this is definitely for you. I’m charging a flat rate of $250 to meet with you for a full two hours and go through your email and set up automatic organizers and filters for you so that your inbox stays organized too.

Plus: I will share my top secret email tip for instant automation right in your inbox. This is something I only share with clients and has literally changed their business and how much time they have for living life! (hint: time saver and game changer.).

100% Refundable.

That’s right. I do ask though that once we schedule a time, you keep your chosen time and day (subject to major emergencies). But, yep, if you decide later to cancel before we meet or if you need to postpone this, I will refund you 100%. I may not be able to reschedule with you if this happens based on availability and other factors, however I will refund you 100%! No risk here. Just honest work and getting you super clean and clear in your inbox! 

Uh… Sign Me Up!!!

Okay, cool. You will not regret this. Here’s what we’re doing. In order to reserve your spot, please click below and send me a note.

F-ing Fantastic. Yes!