The Missing Piece of the Puzzle

PuzzleWhen something happens in real life that bestows a metaphorical application….it must be written about! Here’s one of those times….

Over the holidays, I bought a 750 piece puzzle, wrapped it, and put it under the tree “from Santa”. I thought this would be a fun way to bond with the family and work on something while we had visitors in town.

We got really into it. By really into it – I mean REALLY into it! It was so much fun, we were having a blast. Well….you can imagine our slight let down when, after 5 days of “puzzling” – we finish, only to find that we are missing the last piece!!!

Of course, we got over it fairly quickly and moved on, but we did have that feeling that after all of our hard work, something was left incomplete. Whatever. We could still see the picture and we had a blast!

Fast forward….about two weeks later. I’m sweeping the kitchen, and lo and behold….I sweep up the missing piece! (It is safely in the box now for future use, thank you!)

Anyway, it got me to thinking. When you work on something too hard, or too much, and you put too much focus into something, you might be missing the whole picture. Sometimes it’s best just to sit back and wait for the answer – or for that missing piece of the puzzle. Eventually, it will come to you!

Kimberly Johnson, Owner, Faceted Media Photo: Kristina Marshall
Kimberly Johnson, Owner, Faceted Media
Photo: Kristina Marshall

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