Marketing News Brief – Daily Habits and Career Development

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Daily Habits for Creativity and Success

If I could tell you one piece of advice that I’ve learned from my life so far and from building Faceted Media, it’s that you should give each thing you do the proper amount of time to do it.

Author Alyse Kalish, Editor and Writer, explains in “The Muse,” some simple, yet life changing advice for professional development. Put extremely simply:

  1. Read (just read something every day – try something fiction, something non-fiction and something industry-related if possible.
  2. Connect (not on social media, like actually call someone or write them an actual letter)
  3. Write (journal or work on your book)
  4. Ask Questions (you’ll learn so much more)

More Self-Help for Self-Sufficient Start-Ups

“Nerd Wallet” contributor Laura McMullen gives us healthy and proactive tips in her article: “3 Ways to Invest in Your Career This Week.”  

She advises: learning about yourself (taking an inventory of your skills), become an expert (take time for a class, read up on topics you are interested in, sign up for a webinar), work on your daily routine (make it something that you look forward to and that energizes you in the morning and relaxes you in the evening), and finally, she recommends building relationships. For this one, reach out!

Start anywhere and you’ll start getting somewhere ~Kim

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