One-Day Website + Business Update | Intensive with Kimberly



“I haven’t updated or logged into my website, checked my analytics or maintenanced my ads – in months, maybe years.” – Business Owner trying to update their site.


Are you a previous Faceted Media Marketing Agency client that maybe (just *maybe*) didn’t really read up on our final instructions on how to keep your site updated? It’s okay, we forgive you! (But you should have stuck with our monthly maintenance package – because left alone – any machine will slowly corrode and sometimes even break.)




Or, perhaps you had a site built by another marketing agency (or even built it yourself), and you’ve noticed things are, well, a bit wonky perhaps. And, you probably have super old information that needs an update (which is why you’re here right?)

Website updates are kind of like working out. The less you do it, the weaker the muscle is. If it’s been a while, you need an Intensive! (I can help!)


And, website updates do NOT just include what you “see” on the page. There’s a lot on the back end that needs to be looked at. We are not who you turn to if you want a “quick” update. That would be like saving money to go to a doctor for a checkup, but not getting any vitals checked or having any tests done. We just don’t operate that way.


We know that when you change an address in a footer, you also have to change the embedded maps throughout the site. You also have to search your site to spot any old references of the address. And finally (if your site was made well), you need to update your Schema code.


Lost you at Schema Code? YOU NEED AN INTENSIVE! I’d love to help.

It feels good to get your website and business updated and make sure it’s in good health!


Frequently Asked Questions

Why can’t you just update what I’m asking you to by the hour?

Faceted Media is an extremely quality marketing agency that wants you to succeed, not fail, just to make a quick buck. We will never compromise our high level of service just to make money now (you think you’re happy – until months or years later your business flops). So, we have to consider every angle that can affect your business’ probabilities of success. There has never been a circumstance where a website could “just have a quick update” without making sure that update fits into the website keyword structure, is up to date technically, and that doesn’t have “more than the eye can see.” Never. We take care of all of it for you – in just one day.


How long am I good for after my Intensive?

You will be good to go for one year (and probably 2+ unless you have more updates you need to make). This equals out to ~ $83/month if you do one Intensive a year and ~ $41/month if you stretch it to two years, and ~ $20/month if you stretch it to 3. So you can be sure what your rankings are, if you’re slipping on anything, which traffic source is working the best, what people are searching for to find you, plus a clean and updated tech site, plus your aesthetic or informational updates – ALL IN A DAY.


How does payment and scheduling work?

Simply purchase this product by adding it to your cart and processing it. I will get the notification and will reach out for available days and times for us to pick. We’ll set our meeting and then we will start gathering information about your updates. On the day of our Intensive, make sure you are available by phone or email the entire day if we have a question for you and also make sure you can be on a desktop computer for our start meeting in the morning and our wrap meeting at the end of our Intensive Day.


How does the day go and what do I get afterward?

We will start a few days ahead making sure we have all the info we need from you and then we will have a virtual meeting the morning of our Intensive to get access to Google accounts and get your Dashboard set up (complete and amazing audit of your site’s health). After our meeting, we get to work! We work all day on the tech and updates, etc. At the end of the day around 5pm, we meet virtually again, go over your site health, review the finished edits and grab any last changes, and then we provide a recorded tutorial of everything on how to update on your own in between and how to analyze your site health audit.