Idea Sparks from WordCamp Denver 2018 | Faceted Media TV Launch

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WordCamp Denver…

It was really valuable. I appreciated the entire program. Thank you so much for all the inspiration, education, advice and affirmations (definitely happy to say Faceted Media is on the right track!).

~ Kimberly Hogate, Owner, Faceted Media

My faves???

Huge kudos to Diane Whiddon who always has the cool stuff going on and was also emceeing today at WordCamp having been a speaker previous years (she crushed it, obviously).

Great to see WordPress Superheroes again and meet more of their team! They wore their super hero capes, signature of their brand, and I honestly think it is how I remembered them from a previous event. Nice branding… ! I also went branded head to toe (check out my Faceted Media “fashion line” ha!). 

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Faceted Media CEO, Kimberly Hogate

Other stuff!

Really liking’s domain name generator (it has synonyms that could help my clients choose their business names and see what’s available easier than some ways we have been using before), so that’s rad.

The folks at Ghost Browser blew my mind today. You see, in our sister company, Faceted Travel, we use different programs for flight lookups, and they seem to change depending on where we are physically located when searching. This suspicion was confirmed! Google can save your IP addresses and reset it’s information based on where you are located. This could explain fare changes at times…

Ghost Browser saves tabs, hence IP addresses, so you can save what you’re working on… interesting huh? They know more. Contact them for the technical details, but I was really intrigued.

Also… socks, money and stickers!!!! (🦄!!!) … Haha, I’ll explain. watch below.

(Huge thank you to Phylecia for the “live” challenge!) Check out her show here

So, yeah, I tried my very first one below… It’s long, sorrrry (not sorry?)! (30 mins), but it was just THAT great of a day! I hope you enjoy… I had fun making it 🙂

Watch the Very First Faceted Media TV Episode: WordCamp Denver 2018

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Oh… and the full pre-WordCamp Insta Story here… (thank you again WordCamp!)