Writer, Reporter & Editor

After graduating from Ball State University (located in the charming town of Muncie, Indiana) I knew I had to get out of the Midwest. You can only spread your wings so far in Indiana and I needed room to fly. My love for beautiful scenery and lively cities brought me to Denver. After quite a few meaningless jobs, I landed a position writing for The Hemp Connoisseur, which has been a dream come true.

There is using your degree and not using your degree, and well, I’m using mine! I have furthered my position there as a page layout designer and partial editor. My love for the journalism industry and all its surrounding factors is what Kim saw in me when she decided to bring me in on Faceted Media.

Kim and I have been friends for many years, and I have watched her start a myriad of endeavors. She is a true go-getter and I am so excited to be in on this wonderful project with her. Faceted Media is the type of business where you, the client, can sit back, relax while knowing that true professionals are in control of your most valuable media services. Besides the wide, wide world of journalism, I love traveling, seeing live music, practicing yoga and being with the people I love the most.