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Local Denver SEO Expert, Kimberly Hogate knows a thing, (or many multi-faceted things), about search engine optimization. Successful search engine optimization is like baking bread. You must:

  1. Gather the right ingredients.
  2. Thoughtfully combine the ingredients.
  3. Rise – to the top of Google’s front page!

That is to say, Faceted Media’s internet marketing services are designed to increase brand awareness, grow website traffic, optimize website pages for lead generation, and create a positive user experience. Fundamentally, local SEO is instrumental for this success.

What is Local SEO?

Firstly, you have a small business. Secondly, you want people to find it.

Local SEO takes a regional approach to website discovery. While many small businesses want to inspire others to shop locally, you still want to maintain your competitive edge. By integrating local SEO tactics, you’ll connect with neighbors, tourists, and residents in real time. These connections enhance your website visibility, and business growth.

Local SEO vs General SEO:

Although both techniques seek to optimize your search engine rankings, local SEO uses a local geographic approach. Both general and local SEO utilize a combination of on-page and off-page SEO techniques, such as:

  • Keyword integrations (meta tags, alt tags, header tags)
  • Backlinks (incoming links that build your trustworthiness)

Who Needs Local SEO?

The short answer: everyone can benefit from local SEO. Do you own a restaurant? Do you offer a service? Do you inspire young-folks?

However you spend your time, Faceted Media knows YOU are the expert in your trade. Since you’re the expert, local SEO tactics elevate your impact. We understand that your time is valuable. We want you to be seen. We want you to be heard. And, we want to amplify this work! Whatever your budget, our varied pricing options are design for small businesses in mind. Regional amplification is important for all organizations, non-profits, and small businesses owners.

Are SEO Terms overwhelming?

Technical jargon is confusing. Luckily, we understand this jargon!

Faceted Media’s local SEO tactics help you achieve your long-term business goals. We amplify your existing content to harness SEO techniques and technology. We’ll help prevent confusion by harnessing the power of internet marketing.

How does Local SEO work?

It combines:

  • Organic Search Results – Overall key business phrases
  • Location based results – Google Maps Pack + Location

Want to know the secret to our success? Information triangulation.

We increase your small business exposure by combining key SEO phrases with Google Maps’ information. Local factors influence local ranking.

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You’ve ready to rise to the top of Google’s page. Schedule a free consultation to discuss your aspirations, obstacles, and vision for growth:

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About Faceted Media

In conclusion, Faceted Media Marketing is a digital agency designed for solopreneurs, microbusinesses and small businesses in the United States and globally. While our bread and butter is socially conscious companies, we support small businesses across industries! From broad marketing strategies, to local search engine optimization, to web and brand designs, our scope of work is designed around:

  1. A positive client experience
  2. Positive local growth.

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