Protect Your WordPress Website

World Computer Security Day is Nov. 30 Every Year


At least once a year (really you should do this once a week, once a month, or once a quarter…), you need to make sure your website is secure. If you have built your own website, no matter your technical acuity, I guarantee that you need another look at the backend of your site.


What Do I Need to Do to Keep My WordPress Site Secure?


You want to make sure your WordPress site is clean from hacking, robots, alternate URLs, everything is updated and that you have a backup of your site (and regular backups scheduled).


  • Scan the site
  • Block Robots
  • Secure the Firewall
  • Update the Back-End of Site
  • Clear the Cache and Install Cache Software


Can I Do This On My Own?


Maybe! But, it might end up with results similar to those Pinterest #fails. It just needs to be done by an expert. Cut corners, sure. Try stuff on your own, yes! But, when it comes to the security of your site, take some advice and have a WordPress developer make sure your site is clean and secure.


You don’t want to have to shell out hundreds or even thousands of dollars to fix a hacked site. Trust me on this.


What Happens If I Just Leave It How It Is?


Well, if you’re lucky, maybe nothing… for a while… then years later when the site hasn’t been secured in years, you Google your business to see where your rankings are and… ohmygod, you may find:


  • Fake URLs (it looks like your site, but pages are not your writing) (spoofing)
  • Hacking (where your site is completely bugged)
  • Fake Traffic (robots from Russia are common….)
  • Complete loss of Google Adwords (Google is smart and knows when your site is hacked… they can completely shut down your ads and it is extremely difficult to get them turned back on….)
  • Vulnerabilities (if your site is not updated regularly, attackers can get in)
  • Loss of Site Completely (you could lose your whole site, also this is why we include backups)


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Save money and get your end-of-year check-up with Faceted Media. You’ll get a clean bill of health, a secure back-up, peace of mind, and a secure look into your site to protect it from malicious attacks, viruses and fake robot users on the web.


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