Case Study: Wills & Wellness

W&W LogoWills & Wellness is a law firm that I had the pleasure of helping build from the ground-up. As Co-Founder and Director of Client Services (as well as “unofficial” Business Development and Marketing/PR Director), I had the pleasure of helping the business grow from two folding tables in an office to a staggeringly successful firm.

Wills & Wellness – Grace’s Race 5K

I achieved these goals through a variety of methods. First and foremost, my passion for marketing through doing good in the community is what sparked my journey with Wills & Wellness. We began with a race, Grace’s Race, a 5K, where we recruited clients and prospects to run with us to raise awareness and funds for pediatric brain cancer. We gained followers on social media and showed our prospects and clients that we were a business that really cared about kids. Since the law firm’s mission was all about protecting children with legal guardianship in case something happened to their parents prematurely, this tied in very well with our company goals. (Check out all of our race footage here).

Facebook Cool Logo
Social Media done right!

Next, we utilized a social media editorial calendar that promoted tips for moms on all things from local events, easy and healthy recipes, photos of our own children and us as children, humorous posts for parents and, of course, tips on estate planning and guardianship – as well as notices about our free talks for parents.

I adhere to the industry standard of 60/40, 70/30, or even 80/20 (“fun” stuff to marketing materials) in order to really provide excellent content for prospects. The idea is to build trust so that your prospects feel 100% ready to work with you. We utilized our Facebook Page, Twitter Feed, Pinterest and Blog to achieve these goals.

Notable Successes:

We were able to go viral with our Mother’s Day articles on our blog with 1800 views in one day which was significant for the size of the firm and past performance.

I was able to get us published in the Denver Post by reaching out to a local, and influential “Mommy Blogger,” Amber Johnson of the Mile High Mamas. Click to view article.Denver Post

The Pinterest Board I created was featured on the worldwide front page of Pinterest and send to new members as “exemplary” of what Pinterest is all about.

“Good news! Your board is now being featured on Pinterest! What this means: We think your board is amazing and it really demonstrates what Pinterest is all about! Also, you might notice a bunch of new people following your board for the next little while.” – The Pinterest Community Team

(Want to see the board? Click here.)

I organized (two years in a row), a Diaper Drive, efforts which were picked up by CBS News, various bloggers, and generated a huge buzz. Also, it related to the company mission of helping children.

I organized a Baby Food Drive and went on air on the radio to promote it.

I organized a Book Drive for the Free Little Library Project.

I created the company blog to highlight events, seasonal promotions, and enhance SEO back to our website in hopes of capturing excellent leads. I also provided professional photography for both the website and blog. All photos by Faceted Media.

I performed direct sales, with a conversion rate above industry average – selling 30K – 40K of legal services each month.

I created a networking group of mom-oriented businesses owners to enhance our recognition in the business world relating to our industry.

I covered various events through video and photography for our blog and social media including this virtual tour, which was one of the most popular posts for prospects. It allowed them to really get a feel for what they were walking into and how different this firm was from all the rest.

I created and recorded radio ads for our business.

I set up free, educational talks at various locations in the Denver area such as daycares, schools, parent community centers & more.

This is the type of Full Service that your company can contract through Faceted Media. And, the results are very clear! Contact me for more.