Book Club Hub Kickstarter Underway

DSC_0561Think of it as a for book lovers.

Find out where other fans of your favorite authors are hanging out, possibly imbibing, and enjoying discussing their favorite reads.

There’s a club for everyone, from mystery, to non-fiction, to poetry, or  history, you name it. You can search by distance from where you live and add whether you’re looking to discuss, meet new people, or simply “complain about the neighbors.”

“Every book club is different. Some book clubs just want to drink wine and chat and talk about the book a little bit, but you know, if you’re looking for something more, that can be frustrating,” Nicole says.

That’s where introduces a better experience for socializing book lovers – a way to find just the right nook.

“This started from seeing a need,” Nicole says. Ever since BookBar opened, fans have been asking about book clubs. A postcard and bulletin board system was, until now, the only way that people could connect to discuss their favorite literature together.

Nicole has a great sense of humor and approachability to this project and many others she organizes throughout the year on a regular basis. She cares about influencing readership and wants to make a difference in the community. “At BookBar, giving back to our community is an important part of our day to day,” their website reads.

BookBar supports many different causes including Reading Partners, Denver Writes, Colorado Coalition of the Homeless, Bienvenidos Food Bank and Free Little Libraries. (They even have their own, commissioned Free Little Library out front – it’s adorable!) “I’ve always been driven to do what’s right,” Nicole says.

Show your support by donating to the BookClubHub Kickstarter Campaign. Crowd funding is currently underway to be able to hire one additional web developer to finalize the project – which is very close to functionality completion.

Help support local book stores. Independent sellers like the BookBar help to increase access to rare and unique titles, topics and authors. Increased exposure to knowledge is something we can all appreciate and be grateful to Nicole Sullivan for.

Her socially conscious and locally minded take on business is an outstanding commitment and one to be admired and hopefully replicated in order to spread awareness in the business community.

Thank you Nicole! You are a business role model!

Check out my virtual tour of the BookBar! Photos by Kimberly Johnson, Faceted Media LLC