Business Therapy with Kim: Planning for Inevitable Burnout

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I started Business Therapy as a way to normalize the feelings we all have as business owners or start-up CEOs. We’re encouraged to show our best selves on line and on social media, ignoring the fact that we are all humans hanging on to a giant rock spinning through fire and space, defying all the odds by simply being alive. Why do we ignore that fact and punish our human-ness in each other?

Business Therapy seeks to change all that. But, enough about me, let’s talk about you! You’re burned the eff out. You’ve danced your way into TikTok sillyland and you’re totally hungover from all this business-ing. Yet, if I would have told you in the beginning you really didn’t need to spend all day making that Reel, or spend all that time holding a launch party – you would have told me I was crazy. How do you feel now?

Have you TikTok’d yourself crazy?

It’s all fun and games when it’s new. For new business owners, creating a brand, logos, and content for your business is exhilarating. Anyone who’s been on a roll with this knows – it kind feels like you’re on some good drugs (like when they just kick in all nice, before it gets ugly). Your ideas flow. And, people love it – you get comments and likes and messages – you’re on a roll, you say to yourself.

Then, one day, maybe months, maybe years into your business being started, your car gets broken into, or your spouse cheats, or you get sick, or someone you love gets sick, or you just have a bad day, or a bad week, or a bad month, or a bad year.

Everything stops. You stop creating. You stop posting because you’re dealing with life. People stop liking and following. Instagram or Facebook or Meta or TikTok… start ignoring you too. It seems no matter what you do, you can’t generate that love again. It’s like swimming upstream.

You start to doubt yourself. Maybe I’m not cut out for this. You say to yourself. Then you stop more. And then you totally stop. And then you quit (nearly). You’re burned out. So, full circle, friend… again, I extend my welcome.