The Slow Marketing Movement by Faceted Media

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Welcome to the world of digital marketing, the most dynamic (dare we say, crazy?) industry in the twentieth century!

The truth is, the evolution of the internet has had a direct relationship on the nature of marketing. As consumers have turned to the internet for business advice, shopping deals, recipes, and everything in between, how can you make your business standout online?

Well, success doesn’t come overnight, patience is key, and the same idea applies to your marketing initiative. 

It is a tale as old as time, the turtle vs the hare.

The hare is focused on nothing besides the finish line, and while he gets there in impressive time, he misses the view along the way. See, the hare used all his energy just to get to the finish line and didn’t take the time to learn or take care of himself along the way. Meanwhile, the turtle took a different approach. Instead of trying to get to the “end goal” as soon as possible, he took his time to learn, craft, and plan along the way. This allowed him to stay consistent, strategic, and ultimately successful. Well, the same concept applies to marketing and marketing strategy. No great concept turns into an overnight success, it takes year and years of research, planning, strategizing, and learning to come to fruition and be longstanding! 


2022 Marketing Atmosphere 


In a world of social media, influencers, and a number of online mediums it is very easy to get stuck in the quick fix or an multi media fad. However, to create a withstanding and successful marketing team, agency, or plan you need to put in the time and effort. 


The planning fallacy is human’s tendency to underestimate the time needed to complete a task and any associated costs and risks. Back to the turtle and the hare, the hare was focused on getting to the goal as fast as possible, however he burnt himself out along the way because he didnt consider the costs and risks associated with rushing. The turtle on the other hand, took all the costs and risks associated into consideration and carefully proceeded with caution allowing him to ultimately find success! 

Marketing takes proper planning, both short and long term. No matter the size, industry, or needs of your business, your marketing plan/team must be steadfast based on results, research, and work to withstand the whirlwind that is the digital market! 

How To Prepare 

So, how do you prepare for the long haul? Well, similar to any other great plan, business, or idea, strategizing and making an outline or game plan is the first piece of the puzzle. Identifying your marketing needs, goals, and timelines from the get go will allow you to set up a long term marketing objective. Take your time! Be consistent in the planning process, take everything into consideration including costs, competitors, risks, industry info, tests, etc.

Slow is the way to go with marketing, whether you are thinking of a creative strategy or full funnel marketing plan do not rush the process. Not only does this lead to lazy work, but it hinders the creative process that goes hand in hand with marketing!

Digital Marketing Strategy

Marketing can oftentimes be a misunderstood profession, when in reality marketing is a complex industry that requires planning, budgeting, and orchestration. In order to play the game of marketing,  you need to find the perfect balance of realistic and creative. To successfully craft a marketing plan, you’ll need a step by step playbook, outlines, timelines, and lots of ideas!

Coming up with your marketing plan will be the most important guiding piece as you navigate your business. A marketing plan is a road map that includes the strategy needed to achieve your goals. This includes sales, KPIS, budgets, timelines, awareness, channels, partners, etc. These plans come in all shapes and sizes and there is not a right or wrong way to craft a plan. However, a crucial piece of the planning includes brainstorming all of the little nitty gritty details that may otherwise fall through the cracks including launches, deadlines, deliverables, etc. But at the end of the day this plan will be the foundation for your business. 

Slow & Steady 

There is no one size fits all when it comes to a marketing plan. It depends on a number of things including your business goals, budgets, expectations, etc. However, if you follow these five simple steps we can ensure that your plan will be set up for success. 

  1. Establish Your Goal – is your goal to successfully launch a new product? Perhaps you want to branch into a new location and need to establish your presence. Regardless of your goal, figuring this piece out will be the key guiding factor for the rest of your plan!
  2. Find Your Target Audience – WHO are you marketing too? While marketing requires timelines, budgets, and ideas it also requires a target audience who will see, hear, and buy what you have to offer! 
  3. Discuss Budgets – Figure out HOW much your goals are going to cost you and come up with your budget. This will allow you to have a clear idea of your quarterly, monthly, or yearly goals and keep your objectives realistic knowing you have a budget to stick to!
  4. Deadlines – like any other successful business initiative, in marketing you need deadlines! Make a monthly or yearly calendar, highlight the big ideas (product launches, new location opening, big sale) etc and cater your goals/workload around those dates!
  5. Presence – the truth is even online, you can’t be everywhere at once! Picking where you want to be present is just as important and deciding your budget. Do you want to work on social tactics and partner with influencers, maybe you want an email only campaign? Catering your objective to your channels is a key to establishing  yourself in the industry! 

Every great plan starts with a great idea. Take your time to pay attention to detail, put in the time and work into your marketing plan and be confident in your direction!