Case Study: Jeffrey R. Young & Associates

JRYA New LogoJeffrey R. Young & Associates is a hybrid law firm & financial planning firm. This experience was a challenge due to very strict FINRA rules & regulations on marketing.

For example….I had once wanted to post a radio interview that one of the attorneys had done on a local radio show. Could I post the link? No. Could I email the link to a compliance office for review and then to post? No. What I had to do was burn the .mp3 onto a CD, mail the CD to the compliance office in California, wait for a faxed approval, then post. As social media is measured in terms of seconds, minutes, and occasionally hours….you can imagine how difficult this process was! Fortunately, we were able to increase business, increase our reach, and enhance our events & membership programs.

JRYA Nov Newsletter_Page_1
JRYA Corporate E-Newsletter Example

Notable highlights:

Events and membership programs were enhanced. E-newsletter content was more engaging.  I increased direct sales numbers over the course of working with the firm, and enhanced our social media presence. Additionally, I personally recreated the website based on the owner’s vision. On the socially conscious side, we offered some services pro bono.

Flash drive with valuable information provided to JRYA “Forever Young” program members; Photo by Faceted Media