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PR for Celebrities and Public Figures

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You’re an expert and you have wisdom to share.

Having worked with high-profile individuals and companies in my previous work, I am used to the particular demands of the industry. I can handle personalities of almost every type (we take a personality quiz first to see if we’re a good fit), and I am able to quickly adapt to change. Scheduling and respect of time is a huge facet of my firm. I am able to nearly immediately understand how you like to be communicated with, what types of PR media placement opportunities fit your brand and how much time to give you to process when placements happen quickly.

Time and time again, I’ve been praised for the top quality media placements that I’ve been able to secure. My clients have been featured in Forbes, MTV News, ABC, NPR, FOX, 5280, 303 Magazine, Westword, Rooster Magazine, Confluence Magazine and more. I take special care to understand your brand before beginning any reach out and you are always informed of the publications, pitches and angles ahead of time. If a placement doesn’t feel right at any point, I masterfully save the media relationship and help you out of it in a perfect way to save the contact. I am not afraid to make sure that you are matched with the perfect writer and that you feel comfortable the entire time.

I help high-powered and high-profile clients build and expand their empire by assisting with media placements, public relations, marketing, sales and technical support.

My team and I have been working in business development and as publicists for over 10 years with companies across the industry field. We have worked with entertainment companies, celebrities, public figures, authors, solopreneurs, matchmakers, parenting experts, attorneys, therapists, educators, creatives, nonprofits and real estate firms.


Marketing for Small Businesses: Faceted Media

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Marketing for small businesses is a unique niche that requires the company to be diverse in their knowledge and know how each segment of marketing affects the entire marketing ecosystem. And, it is an ecosystem. Each part is important for the whole. Putting too much energy into one thing, as with all things, can leave you high and dry if that medium becomes out of favor.

Marketing for Small Businesses: What Should You Be Doing?

As a small business, there are a few routes to go depending on your product or service. Here are the various areas that you should audit your business and see which one(s) makes the most sense.

A Website

In most cases, you will need a website. That playing field is changing though now and there are many businesses that operate from a social media profile alone. However, for most businesses that are more than apps, for example, you’ll want a website. This is a place that you can educate your audience about your service or product, advertise for a promotion, gain email addresses for your email outreach list and provide any products or services for purchase.

Social Media

Lots of small business owners complain that “social media doesn’t bring any customers.” Okay, well how do you know? Marketing is an art and science. Most people aren’t looking at their numbers. Google Analytics and each social media’s insights reports will give you clues on how well your social media efforts are doing. Don’t just guess because no one says, “Oh, I saw your Facebook post and decided to call.” No.

They have heard about you from their friend, who you saw liked their page online, Facebook recommended they like it, so they went to your page (and because you had it updated and posted a few cool/cute things, they followed it). Time passed, but you kept popping up in their feed. One day, they decide to call. You ask how they heard about you. They tell you the name of the original person, but it was the exposure that reminded them and warmed them to you. I hope you followed on this! 🙂

Public Exposure (aka Public Relations)

Get out there!! Go on now. Just as the way of the world, what you put into things is what you get back. So, networking, keeping up your blog, posting thoughtful personal posts on Facebook, staying in touch with people, sending notes of congratulations and hellos… it will come back to you. If you ever feel a slight lull in your biz, try reaching out to someone.

My favorite ways are reaching out to interview other business owners about cool stuff they do. They get a nice write-up and pics, you get content for your blog, and you get to know all about each other. And, if you need back links to your site, try signing up for HARO (just make sure you read allll the guidelines so that you don’t accidentally blacklist yourself).

AdWords & Advertising

Trust me, never in a million years did I think I would be recommending advertising. I used to think you could do literally everything grassroots. And, you could. But, it would be foolish to think that in the digital age, that marketing doesn’t change nearly daily. Things have changed in two ways in advertising (broadly).

Firstly, for social media, the people have spoken and platforms are listening (or pretending to publicly). Subsequently, Facebook’s announcement in January 2018 about their algorithm changes to favor users means that brands need to pay for their newsfeed space. The good news is that it is meant to protect the public. And, it also means that weeds out (some) robot accounts and oversaturation of business posts. So, that’s not a bad thing. Running a small budget Facebook ad can boost your likes now better than before and consistently with a customized audience.

For Adwords, this is tricky stuff. Don’t do it on your own, hire a professional. What we do first is set up your campaign and bidding strategy. Then we add relevant keywords using a very, very precise prescription involving research data and our own expertise from having attended the Academy of the Ads (aka “Google College”). Marketing for small businesses should always include a properly set up AdWords campaign.


Honestly, this is the tip of the iceberg when it comes to marketing for small businesses, but it all goes together. The better SEO-focused articles and webpages you have, the better your ads perform. The better your social media is, the better you can create a relevant audience for your product of service. And, realizing that this is far too much work for you as the business owner to take on, in addition to running your business… is a breakthrough.

If you need support, Faceted Media acts as your small business marketing, SEO, and technical support agency. We are designed for micro and small businesses. Experts in many facets of marketing, SEO and technology, we design our programs for smaller budgets and bigger results. We hope to hear from you!


Unique Tips for Making Canva Graphic Designs

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Hi there! If you’re here, you might consider yourself somewhat of an advanced user of the free graphic design creation service, Canva.com (the amazing!).

There are a number of incredible things that Canva does, but in this video, I’ll show you a few “secret” tricks that can help you make your Canva designs even more unique (to stand apart from the crowd).


Using Transparent Layers

One of my favorite tips is to do a Google Search for patterns. Take it a step further by using Search Tools and choose “transparent.” This way, you’ll get a “top” layer and then you can Google a bottom layer to make a really unique pattern. You can also find transparent accents and images this way by using Google Tools, a rarely utilized tool except to the Google obsessed like we are!


Shapes to Frame Text

Some pictures work perfectly to have text on top, but others cross into white and black for example, obscuring the text. What to do? Use “Shapes” in Canva. Choose a square or rectangle (usually my go-to) and use the “arrange” button to place it behind your text. Choose your color, or change to gray and use the transparent filter to lightly offset text from the image. Measure your  shape around your text and you can make your text more readable over the image in Canva.


Using Illustrations to Make Designs

Another fun technique for creative users of Canva is to use the “Illustrations” section and searching for items that are often decorative. Some examples are: leaves, stars, flowers, ferns, swirls… Then, pull them into the corners of your graphic to create a frame or use instead of a line to separate text. You can also expand them, use the “arrange” function and push to the back of everything, then use the “transparent” tool to make the design the base of the background. This additional layering can add interest to your piece and set apart text as well.


The More You Know!

I constantly encounter not-so-great circumstances made from the best intentions when it comes to marketing. There are just so many details that only someone who lives and breathes this stuff is going to be able to help you with. If you’re a small business who has been doing it all yourself, consider a break and an upgrade. I’d love to chat with you about both. Click here to schedule a time to meet. 


Marketing Internship : Paid

As you may know, I love speaking to the empowerment and entrepreneur classes at Denver Public Schools. Working with youth to help them avoid the pitfalls of trying to find work after school is a passion of mine. I have been a rotating keynote speaker for several years and…

…now we’re taking the program to the next level in the form of our Marketing Internship with Faceted Media. 


  • You like designing
  • You use social media often
  • You are a pretty good writer
  • You love creating and creativity
  • You are familiar with computers
  • You want work experience and a recommendation
  • Some level of computer experience and feel fairly confident
  • Want marketing, graphic design, website build, technical and practical experience

We also ask that all applicants fill out this form in order to apply. Compensation is commensurate with experience. Schedule is flexible. Please email kim@facetedmedia.com or call 970-308-6844 with any questions.

What You’ll Gain:

  • Basic Website Building
  • Graphic Design Experience
  • Video/Photography Editing
  • Social Media Practices
  • Copywriting for Marketing
  • A Bit About Search Engine Optimization
  • Blogging Best Practices
  • Some Event Marketing Practice

My style is low-key and practical with the goal of getting you REAL LIFE experience so that it is easier for you to find a well-paying and enjoyable career after high school while you go to college or while you enter the workforce. Marketing is fun, creative, can be a bit high pressure, but it’s a great feeling to see your work out there reaching the right people. Creatives and entrepreneur-types, this opportunity is for you!

Thank you and I look forward to meeting you!!

Stock Photo Giveaway! (Holiday, City Edition)

stock photo giveaway, faceted media

It’s a challenge to find royalty-free, high resolution photos for free. Stock photos must be paid for, and sites like Pexels and Pixabay are becoming more and more well-known which means you start to see duplicate photos across the web.

You don’t want to duplicate your colleague’s stock photos. You’re a beautiful snowflake that is original… right? Ha. Totally.

Okay, back to the holiday stock photo giveaway…. In this photo giveaway, it’s simple. Just enter your email address and you’ll receive an email with the Google Docs Link to:

199 royalty-free, original, high resolution stock photos.

…you can use these however you wish, you do not need to add credit. This is another Faceted Media Photo Gift!

What’s In This Photo Stash, Kim?

This stash features photos taken in New York City and Denver during the holidays. It features patterns, subway signs, subway entrances, Christmas lights, Santas, snow, city streets, construction workers, holly and berries, horses at Central Park, cityscapes, skyscrapers, steps, pigeons… you get the idea. (Gorgeous & Quirky Too!!)

stock photo giveaway, faceted media stock photo giveaway, faceted media stock photo giveaway, faceted media





stock photo giveaway, faceted media







It also features restaurant and office stock photos including menus, beverages, coffee, salt shakers, patterns and keyboards.

K, Great. Give Them To Me.

Okayyyy!!! All you have to do is just enter your email below and voila!

Enter Your Email to Get a Free Photo Stash!

* indicates required

The Pineapple Story

A lot of people ask me how I got started in Faceted Media or how I decided to start my own business. It was a combination of a lot of things. I usually have followed my own path. I tend to be very decisive and once I make a decision, I go for it.

If there are obstacles, I figure them out. If people say that it will be too hard, too complicated, not possible, etc. I ignore them. If it hasn’t been done before, I do it. That is just my personality.

Yet, if there was one defining moment when I knew that I wanted to work for myself. It was the pineapple. Here’s the story and how it was rewritten.

When I talk to kids at area high schools for career panels and entrepreneurial talks, I always tell them the pineapple story. And, now, I add: be like a pineapple, stand tall and wear a crown (and be hard on the outside, soft on the inside!). Yet, the pineapple was actually a symbol to me that came from deep pain. Now, I like the symbolism as a badge of honor.

I had gone from going to school for Journalism to graduating when the newspaper industry was completely dying. Sadly, it was also this strange in-between time when only a small number of people had smart phones to read the news, yet the Internet was fully utilized by everyone finally.

What was I going to do with my degree?

I found out quickly. Nothing. No one wanted me. I applied left and right, up and down. I walked into businesses, I sent resumes, I went to workshops and job agencies. Finally, I had to nearly completely make up a resume just to get a job waitressing. 

I felt really out of place. For the last several years, I had studied, worked two full time jobs while going to school 18-22 hours a semester and babysitting in between. I graduated in three years from college and graduated from high school a semester early. I won scholarships and worked hard for my 4.97 GPA. I was published and thought I had value. Once I entered the “real world” I felt extremely value-less.

I never gave up.

I continued to seek leadership positions in my various jobs. Eventually, my managers saw my strengths and I was given more and more responsibilities. I found myself gravitating toward marketing and sales, which when I thought about it, had a strong correlation to writing and communications, just like I was doing while in Journalism school. Perhaps I was on to something here…

So I continued to thrive in my positions, and at this point, I was in an administrative position that I had added a sales feature to. I had negotiated some commission and was really making a lot of sales! After about a year, I took my carefully compiled report of how much money I had made the firm with my new outreach. We cordially chatted and then got into the details.

I left the meeting hoping for the raise I had asked for. The next morning, the pineapple was there.

I was immediately informed that while my request for a raise had been declined, the boss and his wife had gotten me a lovely and delicious pineapple at the farmer’s market. “Have a nice day!”

Pretty much from that day forward, I created my escape plan. No longer would I work and put in the time only to be disparaged and devalued by someone who was profiting off of me. In this case, I was literally making the firm money, yet instead of a small raise, they chose to just give me a percentage and keep the rest.

In return for my hard work, I get a pineapple. Why am I continuing to do this?

I knew that I had to create a situation where I would never have to sit across a table and explain my worth unless it was of my doing. I knew that I was worth more than a pineapple.

I first started a law firm with a colleague, using my background in the legal field combined with administrative, writing, sales and marketing skills. We thrived until I again discovered that even a partnership wasn’t for me. I was born to stand out and grow my own way. 

So I did.

Now I speak to high schools and remind them how special and unique they are and to never let anyone tell them otherwise. I also remind them that if they have the stamina, they can create their own paths by starting their own businesses.

I think the message was received:







Email Clean & Total Organization – One on One Sessions

This is not a workshop. This is a WORK-shop.

I just want to be clear that this is not a workshop…. You won’t be just learning tips and taking notes. We’ll be working together hands-on for 2 hours and actually making a difference to get your inbox in tip-top shape. (Ahhhhh!!! I can see it now!! Ommmmm.)

You see, here’s the problem: Too many emails, getting subscribed to lists you didn’t sign up for or that are irrelevant now, getting behind, duplicate emails, missing opportunities (and then never following up because you’re embarrassed), having important and non-important emails in one place, forgetting things or falling behind because you keep your to-do’s in email form. Pretty much a hot mess in digital form.

It’s an issue nearly everyone faces nowadays. If this sounds like you, trust me, it is how nearly everyone is… except your girl! Yes. I am here taking personal 2-hour sessions to help you finally go through your inbox, organize it, catch any leads, and set up filters and labels so that it stays manageable. 

“I never knew email could be so complicated. I had missed 26 leads that I could have followed up on when I needed business most. And, I missed an email from a contractor for an ongoing request. Now, all my emails are separated in folders, labeled, and filtered so that I see new leads first. I also got through every single email with Kim. It’s completely refreshed.” – E

Email didn’t start off very complicated. And, if you’re okay with 20,000 emails in your inbox, this isn’t for you. If, however, it’s really frustrating you, causing you grief, just plain annoying, and reading about how to organize it gives you a migraine, well, then, this is definitely for you. I’m charging a flat rate of $250 to meet with you for a full two hours and go through your email and set up automatic organizers and filters for you so that your inbox stays organized too.

Plus: I will share my top secret email tip for instant automation right in your inbox. This is something I only share with clients and has literally changed their business and how much time they have for living life! (hint: time saver and game changer.).

100% Refundable.

That’s right. I do ask though that once we schedule a time, you keep your chosen time and day (subject to major emergencies). But, yep, if you decide later to cancel before we meet or if you need to postpone this, I will refund you 100%. I may not be able to reschedule with you if this happens based on availability and other factors, however I will refund you 100%! No risk here. Just honest work and getting you super clean and clear in your inbox! 

Uh… Sign Me Up!!!

Okay, cool. You will not regret this. Here’s what we’re doing. In order to reserve your spot, please click below and send me a note.

F-ing Fantastic. Yes!


Vision Quest: Take Yourself On a Creativity Fieldtrip

faceted media, vision quest, channel your creativity, creatives, creative entrepreneurs, denver startups

This summer, I was really feeling like I needed to take some space and silence for some clarity and to get some creative work done. You see, in my practice, I have to constantly switch from being a very technical, almost mathematician (hello SEO, AdWords, Analytics, keyword research), to being a creative writer on topics I usually have to research as well (I write about anything from psychology to parenting to fashion and more), and then in the midst of all these silent tasks, I have to jet back into a communicative mode and be expressive for meetings, videos, events and speaking engagements.

I often feel like I work at a button factory (aka my keyboard).

So, to counteract these feelings, I do yoga, I run and stretch, I walk, I bike, and I do really extreme s#$@ like deciding to go to Moab for my birthday and do a 14-mile bike ride and some pretty serious hiking. I had wanted to check out Moab ever since I drove near it on my way from Vegas back to Denver one time. (Long story why I was driving, and while I’ll never do that again, it was gorgeous!!!

faceted media, moab, vision quest, vision quest for entrepreneurs, marketing in Denver, Kimberly Hogate, creative ideas for business owners

I didn’t regret taking this trip one bit and I got so much done and a well-needed reset. After I got settled in to my hotel downtown (after the 5-ish hour drive from Denver and seeing a friend in Leadville along the way), I got dinner and had a glass of wine while checking emails and crossing off to-do’s. The hotel had so many awesome areas that were not being used by any guests that were perfect for me. I watched a lot of sunsets (and got free breakfast!).

Mix Pleasure and Business. Travel is Good for the Entrepreneur Soul

Obviously not everyone is able to have the freedom that we as entrepreneurs have in our lives. Yes, we cram in meetings, events and often wake up before sunrise and go to sleep after midnight or much, much later to get all of the work done and cross off all of the things that we endlessly have to do… but if we plan ahead (we’re usually also good with this), we can get away, pay less for travel because of our flexibility on days of travel, and we can work anywhere there is WiFi. For some businesses, you may also require an office manager or assistant, but trust me, you can do this and have this life.

Obviously family commitments, especially young or super active teens, can make your travel plans need an adjust. However, there are so many ways to travel abroad and domestically, even with family, and especially when you are an entrepreneur. I highly recommend taking advantage of as much travel as you can, while you can. Experiences are worth so much more than things (though make sure you have savings for emergencies and for later first of course). And, if you dare… go alone.

I Recommend Going Solo, Scared? This Isn’t for You Then.

Does that freak you out to think about??? Some of my friends were terrified of that idea. Others couldn’t imagine why I would ever want to do that. Still some (and my favorite response), was, “fuck yes, you independent woman you.” And, that is totally what it’s about. For me, I do so much for others that it’s nice to have some time where you decide what you want to do (or not do!) and when. Literally every decision. All. Day. Long. So, for two days, here is how I spent my time. Not pictured: the most amazing facial and massage for my birthday gift to myself. 

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Variety is the Spice of Life. If You Work Hard, You Can Also Stock Up Your “Life Spice” Cabinet

In no way, shape or form, is what I am describing, easy. NO. You have to set your mind to your goals, set your time for working and get it done. You can’t just talk the talk, you have to walk the walk. You have to do what you say you do. I’ve met so many “would-be” entrepreneurs who see the freedom that I have and want it, but don’t understand that behind the scenes and leading up do (and during) these trips, I am working my ‘lil tail off.

It helps that I love what I do, but still, know that on these trips, I am waking up early before everyone, getting to know the early morning coffee guy and how to get on the WiFi. I drink less at night and try to work out each day. I juice. I drink water. I pretty much act as if it were any other day… yet with a moving, live, piece of art called the world! Then, I get my work done and go exploring.

Do one thing every day that scares you – Eleanor Roosevelt

Solitude and Meditation: The Joy of a Vision Quest

Okay, back to planet Earth. Is that where we are? Yes. Though sometimes it feels like a dream because it’s all self-created when you’re an entrepreneur. You create your reality. And, while actually everyone creates their reality, entrepreneurs realize there is a certain magic to simply dreaming and seeing it become reality. To us, nothing is impossible. Anything can be created and all you have to do is come up with a good idea, then figure it out. And, if we fail, we try again.

This can be draining. I’ll say it. It’s not all sunshine and rainbows in the land of being self-employed. Some days, you wake up panicking about money. Some days, you have to own up to a mistake. Other days, you may have to let a team member go. Maybe you forget a meeting. Maybe you didn’t prepare. Maybe you spent too much time on one thing, but you should have spent it on something else and now you’re screwed. Or, the ultimate… the Internet it out!! (Cue apocalypse!)

So, what cures these anxious feelings? Nothing more than water, rest, exercise, vegetables, fruit, yoga, meditation, and…. travel (for me!). On this vision quest to Moab, I was able to combine meditation and healthy eating with spa services, journaling, art and intense physical activity. For me, it was everything I needed to feel awesome again about my work. Not that I wasn’t feeling great before, it’s just that anything, ANYTHING gets old sometimes. Do I think I am doing my life’s work, totally. But, everyone needs a break and if you can take a trip (even nearby, short drive), schedule yourself a massage and just hang out in a hot tub with your favorite book, even just once a year… can do wonders for your mind, body, soul, relationships, career, parenting, anything.

Creativity Outlets. What Can You Do to Channel Your Creativity (25 Ideas!)

Looking for some ideas about getting your creativity sparked? Here are some ideas both near and far:

  • Get a deck of oracle cards (can be the 4 Agreements deck or another one, there are tons)
  • Do 25 jumping jacks right now
  • Fold a basic origami (you tube for ideas)
  • Walk to the store, get something with peppermint in it, walk home
  • Do a plank right now for 30 seconds
  • Journal: prompt is “describe a magical land, who’s there, what does it look like? cue: unicorns”
  • One downward dog… now
  • Visit mymodernmet.com
  • Go to the library, bring a huge tea to sip in a to-go cup and your laptop or a book
  • Read a poem, any poem
  • Write a poem, any poem
  • Draw a self-portrait doodle
  • Look up flights and browse trip advisor
  • Wikipedia random s$#% for 15 minutes
  • Visit stumbleupon.com
  • Go to Iceland (such cheap flights!)
  • Plan a day trip in your own town, choose city or country, pretend you’re a tourist
  • Pack yourself a picnic and bring a marketing book or other book, lay outside and read
  • Do Yoga
  • Or, just stretch for 15 minutes
  • Color
  • Take an art class
  • Get a Chinese massage (affordable, amazing, rejuvenating)
  • Organize something
  • Write a card to a friend and send in the actual mail

Interested in the Travel Part?

Inspired? I hope so! Okay, now are you wondering how you can incorporate this into your yearly schedule and entrepreneur life? Or, for my employed friends, do you want to figure out how to travel for as little as possible, and find the best stuff (because you seriously do not have time to research?)

I recently launched www.facetedtravel.com which is my affordable, doable, make it happen, best researched travel concierge company. You see, what I found was, I approach travel like I do with a client project. I score the research…. (And, I have top-secret research tools that are freaking genius). Next. I pour through the reviews (construction going on? nope. etc.). And, I look up the “cool” stuff to do off the beaten path as well as figure out the very, very best deals (you’ll go cray) and best quality experience. I’ll advise you of anything to be aware of and when the best days/times are to do various activities. I’ll also set up Air Bnb’s, bike rentals, airport transfers, find places you can get work done while traveling, and advise you on the best credit card to get to get the most points (so you get a discount on your next trip.)

So far I have been to: British Columbia, the Pacific Northwest (Washington coast, Portland, Ashland, Sandpoint), San Francisco Bay Area, Sonoma County region, Los Angeles (Venice Beach and Hollywood are my faves), Mayan Riviera, Puerto Vallarta and Sayulita, Cancun, Tulum, Amsterdam, London, Zurich, Bern, Cape Town, Johannesburg, Swaziland, Zimbabwe (Victoria Falls and the Zambezi river), Montego Bay, Negril, the Florida Keys, Miami, the Everglades, Orlando, Disney World and Disney Land, San Diego, New Orleans, Austin, Houston, St. Louis, Santa Fe, Chicago, New York City, Phoenix, Las Vegas (dare I say 3 times?)… and you wouldn’t believe the deals… If you’re interested in planning a trip, visit www.facetedtravel.com for more info.


Friendship Elephants + Visual Storytelling

Visual storytelling is an art form that can draw attention to something seemingly unrelated in a really unique and eye-catching way. For example in this story, we’re highlighting the Santa Fe Museum of Folk Art by showcasing two palm elephants that I bought while on a girl’s weekend with my best friend.

This photo story came to creation organically, (just two girls needing some friendship elephants after a trip to the museum, duh!) but then, using my marketing brain here, I decided that it could be used to tell an even bigger story about how to use guerrilla marketing and visual storytelling to show a personal experience. Using visual storytelling also allows your marketing to remain authentic and show personality.

visual storytelling, marketing, photography, elephants, faceted media, pr, public relations, marketing tips, guerrilla marketing, grassroots marketing, kim johnson, kimberly johnson marketing denver

Stories like these could be used to creatively market so many types of businesses, groups, organizations and events. Art galleries, museums, libraries, retail stores, restaurants, nonprofit organizations, yoga studios, theater companies, workshops, events, you name it, could all benefit from a visual storytelling campaign via their websites as well as social media. Not seeing it yet? Here are some examples:

Library/Bookstore – Photos of books at the places they describe such as Little House on the Prairie standing in deep grass with the sky above or Scarlet Letter laying in crimson velvet from the fabric store.

Yoga Studios – Photos of unique yoga poses at totally unexpected places. Think: median on a busy city street, in front of public art, government buildings, a bar, an ice cream shop?

Real Estate Agents – Photos of “a day in the life” glossing nothing over. Perhaps show the hard work, the mud you had to step in to get to the house, abstracts of funny decor in homes, pics of the gorgeous potential home, and happy clients jumping in the air with you at the end.

…for example.

The goal these days with marketing is to do things the opposite way that everyone else is. Visual storytelling allows your marketing to be unique

So, it began went I went to Santa Fe with one of my very best friends. We are soul sisters and pretty much agree on most things including how to have a good time! On this particular day, we were browsing around at the eccentric (and amazing!) Museum of International Folk Art. If you haven’t been, it is definitely work a look-see if you are visiting the area. It’s hard to describe, but in the words of the museum overseer to us that day:

Museum Staff: “Girls, put your rollerskates on!” It was awesome.

So, off we went. It was a blast. But this article is about the end of the visit. In the gift shop, which by the way, which was one of the coolest gift shops we’d ever seen, we decided to look for friendship bracelets to commemorate our amazing trip together.

Being the weirdos that we are, we decided that friendship elephants were a much better idea. Done! We left with these two incredible elephants.

visual storytelling, santa fe, marketing tips, faceted media, kim johnson marketing denver, art, folk art, palm art, graphic design

Do you think the museum gift shop employees ever find out where the art that visitors purchase ends up? Probably not! So, we put together the story of what happened AFTER the elephants left the museum, all set in visual storytelling.

visual storytelling, elephants, marketing, faceted media, kim johnson, pr, guerrilla marketing

Had this been a story written internally or had they any clue what I was up to creating this “contemporary folk art project,” I would have included information about the beginnings of palm art, the areas and peoples that created them, and showcased an exhibit within the museum. It could also be used in preparation of announcing a new or visiting exhibit.

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This project was to commemorate the incredible experience at the Museum of International Folk Art in Santa Fe, a ridiculously fun time with my best friend, and to show how to use a unique medium to bring attention to your cause, organization or business.

“You can make art anywhere!” – Kim Johnson, Faceted Media

I also encourage you to be a human in your marketing! Have fun, make jokes, don’t be so serious or standard in your marketing (no one will remember it and you’ll hate creating it anyway). Have an idea you think others will laugh at? That’s probably your best one. 

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Thanks for reading! And, make sure to get yourself down to the International Museum of Folk Art. It explores word religions, art, includes interactivity, and one of the most unbelievable collection of unique miniatures. I spent hours in there imagining what each scene would be like if it came alive. You’ll have to see it in person to really experience the art here. The characters just look like they could start walking and talking to each other if given the chance. …next project!


The 90% (Autism and the WorkPlace) | Spotlight on Social Enterprise | Blue Star Recyclers Tour + Q&A

Congratulations to Bill Morris and Blue Star Recyclers for your 2017 Social Enterprise of the Year Award!

Note: This tour was coordinated by Danielle Norris, CEO and Co-Founder of Sovenco, a Denver Social Enterprise that Aligns Business and Humanity. Special thanks to Laura Franklin, Sovenco Co-Founder and Bill Morris, Owner, Blue Star Recyclers. All photos, video and article provided by and written by Kimberly Johnson, owner, Faceted Media.

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(Sovenco Founder Danielle Norris goes LIVE with Blue Star Recycling Founder Bill Morris)

Take the tour! Watch the video.

The Truth About Electronic Waste Recycling

On a recent tour of local e-waste facility, Blue Star Recyclers, founder Bill Morris informed the group that over “50 million tons of electronic waste gets thrown out or recycled each year.” Que instant thoughts of massive landfills and undersea garbage jungles.

And, according to a collection of e-waste facts from DoSomething.org, only 12.5 percent of e-waste is currently being recycled in the world.

These are certainly staggering facts. However, organizations such as Blue Star Recyclers, a hybrid for and nonprofit operation with three locations in Colorado, is actively growing to help alleviate those numbers. There are several reasons why recycling hasn’t “taken off” even despite its lengthy track history.

One is that businesses are not required by law to recycle any portion of their waste. And, not all e-waste can be recycled for free, leaving little incentive to companies unconcerned with environmental impact. Lucky for Morris, more and more companies are going green and feel a sense of corporate responsibility to contribute to good causes. In Morris’ case, he offers two: environmental and social.

blue star recycling, ewaste, recycling, Bill Morris, Kimberly Johnson, Faceted Media

(Here, Valuable Copper is Scrapped From Old PC Motherboards)

Employees Can Be Great Workers And Be Autistic

Not only does recycling at Blue Star help reduce your carbon footprint, every time you use their services, you are also contributing to helping employees with autism maintain self-sufficiency – aka their jobs at the recycling center.

“In 2008 I watched a group of young men at a disability center taking things apart like alarm clocks and a tv. It was a place where people cared for people, not where people worked, but this group of young men had a talent for taking things apart. It was like a puzzle for them,” says Morris.

In fact, they were so good at what they were doing that Morris had a thought. What if, instead of simply living at a center, these men had real jobs, making real money, and did what they did best?

(Sovenco Founder Danielle Norris goes LIVE with Blue Star Recycling Founder Bill Morris)

(Blue Star Recyclers Employees take apart electronics for reuse)

The employees are Blue Star are the heart of the operation. Almost silently, they toss electronics with a loud crash when they hit the bins. Moving robotically with precision, they carefully disassemble each motherboard with their safety goggle on, making sure to extract the valuable copper and precious metals from each one. Tossing it again into the bin. Crash!

Morris explains that repetitive jobs are a great match for those with autism. In fact, he adds, “Our lunch break time can have the opposite effect on our employees. Whereas you and I might find it to be the most relaxing part of our day, these guys find it to be extremely awkward, wanting to simply eat and get back to their jobs. They know they do their jobs well. Conversation with others can be another story,” he says.

Another benefit? Morris’ employees usually show up on time and rarely are no-shows. Hangovers at work? Not a concern typically for Morris. And, by operating as a social enterprise by employing the “unemployable,” Blue Start Recyclers helps bridge the gap – autistic employees as a whole experience approximately 90% unemployment rate.

While training can take longer, Morris says that employee retention is at constant high. He adds simply, “They are really good employees.”

The Bottom Line and an Invite

‘Nuff said! Clearly the aspect of being a social enterprise is not only helping Morris’ bottom line, but also helping him to grow. He recently expanded into Boulder, Colorado, the “Silicon Flatirons” as it is beginning to be called (a new Google just landed there).

blue star recycling, ewaste, recycling, Bill Morris, Kimberly Johnson, Faceted Media

(Old electronics are sorted into bins at Blue Star Recyclers; note Danielle’s photo bomb 11 o’clock)

It’s so important to stress how making a direct impact like Blue Star is can help impact the world. What it takes it really understanding your business and who and what you can contribute to make the world a better place and help someone in a brand new way, while simultaneously sustaining your business and growing at a steady, upward pace.

These might seem like insurmountable goals, but simply starting your business seemed impossible at times. Thinking outside the box as far as what ways your company can contribute to the global greater good? Get an advisory board together by contacting Sovenco. They’ll take you through a comprehensive analysis of your current operations, talk about your passion and “why” you do what you do. Then, they create a gameplan that will help your company scale, get noticed, include the right players and cut costs while allocating funds in the right places. There’s no better time to start then now. Imagine your story here…

blue star recycling, ewaste, recycling, Bill Morris, Kimberly Johnson, Faceted Media

(Bill Morris, Founder and CEO of Blue Star Recyclers, a top-notch Colorado social enterprise)